Why I opened my own real estate brokerage

Why I opened my own real estate brokerage

I prepared to leave my job for years, no different than anyone else I know. But like mostly everyone else I know, it was always an empty threat in the heat of the moment. It wasn’t until I returned to my comfortable job after paternity leave to learn that my time was limited.

While out for the last 3 months taking care of my then newborn daughter Jax there had been some “changes within the organization”. Well this wasn’t my first rodeo and I knew exactly what it meant, not to mention we were given about 6 months to find a new position or job, after that it was a toss-up.

I wasn’t sure what was in my future and that made me uncomfortable. I was already unhappy because I wasn’t fulfilled so it didn’t take much convincing from my wife. After all, I had a great resume, a plan I had been working on for years, and the resources to make it happen.

It was the perfect storm depending on how you look at it and I wasn’t going to wait around until someone told me I was no longer needed. I took one last look at my “break in case of emergency plan” and took this as my sign to “stick it to the man”.

Since I already had a Texas real estate license and had remained a Houston REALTOR for the past 11 years, I figured I would jump back in the industry and pick up where I left off in college.

Sure it might take a year or so to build a strong pipeline of clients, but it was worth it and was well within reach and my resources. I was knowledgeable, disciplined, and knew my strengths and weaknesses.

So with no job, a new baby, and the support of my wife I set out to find a broker that amplified my strengths and balanced out my weaknesses. After a month of searching, countless interviews, and hours of research I came to the conclusion that there was nothing out there for me, or if there was I was damn tired of looking for it.

Now I was particular, but only because I knew what I needed to succeed. I wanted to join a small brokerage in the Houston inner loop with corporate philosophies and family values that embraced technology as a tool.

Although I had been away for some time I still felt like a veteran and valued myself so I also wanted to find a brokerage that invested in their agents. I thought if I’m going to give anyone any money that I’ve earned they need to have put in on this MANN!

Needless to say I was told I won’t succeed, had doors closed in my face, and ignored at times. By this time even some of my own friends and family began to doubt me.

So now I’m 45 days out of work with 1 listing and 2 buyers, a solid marketing plan, and a great sales strategy but no dependable broker. Not to mention that it was discovered that the broker I had been with since 2007 wasn’t paying their agents.

It was then I realized what had been happening. All the signs started to line up. First my daughter, then my job, then the rejection. I had been corralled into a corner where there was only one way out, fill the void that I had been searching for, so that’s what I did.

As soon as I had my aha moment, I revised my plans and worked out a new strategy. I reached out to my step mom who is a broker. Years before my father passed away they ran a brokerage of their own. Come to find out she had never let her license lapse.

After a few meetings to hash out the details, Realinc was born. A full service real estate brokerage located in Third Ward Houston, TX that values the agent by investing in their individuality and success, embraces technology as a tool, and promotes a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration.

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