Urban Planning Specialist Sparks Public-Private Partnerships in Third Ward With Community House Warming and State of Third Ward Address

Urban Planning Specialist Sparks Public-Private Partnerships in Third Ward With Community House Warming and State of Third Ward Address

Last Wednesday, developers, investors, nonprofit agencies, City representatives and residents from the Third Ward community battled the elements to attend Third Ward’s House Warming and State of The Community address. On the night before Imelda drenched Houston with the heaviest rainfall it’s seen since Harvey, more than 60 stakeholders came together to engage in a collaborative discussion about the future of affordable housing and economic development in the area. For many in attendance, the opportunity to connect with new faces and resources outweighed the risk of missing out.

Jason T. Hyman, an urban planning specialist and Third Ward realtor, recognized the need for collaboration long ago and set out to create the house warming event platform. His real estate office brought the idea to the Northern Third Ward Implementation Project and connected Third Ward Super Neighborhood #67 to make it a reality. “I saw an opportunity to connect private developers and investors looking for community led development with the public and nonprofit agencies that regularly engage residents but are limited by bureaucracy and scarce resources,” said Jason.

Legendary Houston planner and panel moderator, Roberta Burroughs echoed Jason’s sentiments in her opening remarks. “We are here to discuss the affordable housing challenge,” she said. “I call it a challenge rather than a crisis because a crisis seems hopeless and a challenge can be overcome. When I look around this room, I believe we can do that.”

The robust discussion lasted for over two hours and highlighted the community’s informed plans, strong networks, opportunities to build capacity and existing needs. City of Houston Housing and Community Development Department Assistant Director, Ray Miller left inspired and incentivized to help build capacity through department programs. “It was refreshing to see new faces in the room and engage with other stakeholders who are prepared to develop what the community needs,” he said.

There were many connections made that night to encourage public-private partnership that organizers hope will reverberate into future development and preservation for the historical community.  “The house warming was a good event but there is a lot of work to do and follow up that has to happen to make it a true success; we planted the seeds, now we have to tend to them,” Jason said. For information on the next event or to get connected with the network of stakeholders, contact the office of Jason T. Hyman using this link.


The office of Jason T. Hyman is committed to bridging the generational wealth gap found in minority communities through creative applications of urban planning, community engagement, and responsible development. We are a real estate brokerage based in Third Ward Houston, TX with over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate sales and development. We differentiate ourselves by being stewards of the communities we do business in.



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