There's no magic trick to real estate. Here's the secret

There’s no magic trick to real estate. Here’s the secret.

I’m sitting here I’m waiting on one of my clients to show up to check his investment property out so I thought I’d take a second I want to talk real quick about something I was seeing last night. I was up on Facebook just kind of scrolling you know then I flipped the Instagram scrolling again I don’t know if it’s something like clicked or or there’s just a spike in this but I feel like I just saw a lot of people that are pushing extra business to get you four or five listings fast. Get you 20 wholesale deals in a month and you know everybody’s pushing this secret formula, but I want to tell you guys something. Don’t go for the sauce man. There’s no secret formula whatsoever at all.

I’m not saying that one thing doesn’t work better than the other. What I’m saying is that all forms of marketing work. These guys tell you that well this type of marketing is dead. Don’t listen that crap. You need to understand the market that you’re in and who you’re marketing to. Choose the mediums that speak to them the best. Choose the messages that speak to them the best. At the end of the day, this game is about exposure and relationships. Once you have those two things down, all you have to do is provide value and the money will come. That’s the trick to real estate. The leads are coming. People will come find you. You won’t have to go call out or go search and doing a whole lot of stuff anymore.

I want you guys to think about that when you’re subscribing to you know the next ten ways to list the house or when you’re subscribing to you know paying for the next coaching service over overpriced coaching service. I want you to remember those three things and make sure that if they’re selling you something that that’s what they’re selling you because that’s where the value is. They help you understand when to use door-knocking, when to use cold calling, when to use mailers because there’s a time and a place for each one of them. Make sure that they’re teaching you the messages. Don’t just go send out you know generic messages. Understand who you’re sending to and craft something for them so you have a higher response rate. Then make sure you bring a value to the table. That’s the trick to real estate

Just because you can buy someone’s houses, just because you can list someone’s house, doesn’t mean you’re bringing any value to the table. What’s valuable to that audience that you’re actually marketing to. Once you figure those things out, then you can make the money. Just wanted to put that out there. Get at me. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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