One way to save $1,200!

One way to save $1,200!


Almost two years ago I got the news that I was having a little girl. For me that meant I had to find some new ways to make and save money. So for over a year now we’ve been without cable and haven’t missed it.

I would go hang out at the bar or a friends house to watch any sports or news I wanted to check out. We signed up for streaming services like Netflix and hulu so that we at least had something to watch. It didn’t take too long to realize I wasn’t doing anything but paying the money I saved to the bartender and you know all it takes is one lazy weekend to binge watch a whole season of anything.


So I started searching for something that offered live tv and video on demand so we could have the best of both worlds and save money. After trying several different streaming providers I ran across Block TV. I think they had a free trial or something so I gave it whirl.

Here’s their free 3 day trial –

And Ill be damned not only did I get live tv, so all my sports and news coverage. I got video on demand, and it had all the titles you find on Netflix and hulu. I even caught a pay per view fight, turns out you get most major mma and boxing matches.

Making this switch saves me ~$1200 a year. Probably more than that if you count the money I save not going to the bar as much. So if you’re saving for a down payment on a house, or trying to pay a bill off, or trying to save up to invest then you should try them out.


Use my special coupon code at checkout and get this service for $35/month 

($15 off reg price).

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  1. Thank you for the info. I’ve never heard of Block TV, but will look into it. Godspeed

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