5 Reasons to Use Professional Photos for Listings... And How to Get Them for Less

5 Reasons to Use Professional Photos for Listings... And How to Get Them for Less

Pictures have never been more important than today. In a world inundated with social media and high definition photos, listings are in constant competition for views and time. Home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites, according to the National Association of REALTORS. Using professional-quality photos also shows a level of commitment to your client. More importantly, they are a reflection of you as an agent and the quality service you provide. 

Why Go Pro (Use professional photos)?

  1. Professional photos move homes: According to the Center for REALTOR Development, homes with high quality photography sell 32% faster 
  2. Highlight the best the property has to offer:  If your client spent money on renovations and updates, you should show them in their best light
  3. Showcase the community: There’s more to a home than four walls, take photos that highlight the area and amenities 
  4. Set standard of service: Listing can be scary for clients, your commitment to excellence and willingness to invest in photos can provide peace of mind
  5. Attract future clients: Your next client is one click, word of mouth or neighbor away. Putting your best foot forward sets you apart from the rest of the realtor community

Tip: Don’t Break the Bank – Professional quality doesn’t have to come at extravagant prices, here’s how to avoid sticker shock:

How to Get Professional Photos for Less

  1. Ask for references: Ask your network for a list of trusted professionals 
  2. Hire an up-and-comer looking to build their portfolio: Sometimes amateur photographers are willing to barter services to help build a book of work
  3. Check social media: Follow an account with great photos? Reach out and ask who their photographer is
  4. Download an app and YouTube how to make magic: There are plenty of photo editing apps available. Choose one and check out YouTube for tutorials
  5. Know your angles: Learning and using the right lighting and angles can completely transform your photos


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