3 reasons why you should be in real estate.

3 reasons why you should be in real estate.

Now of all the opportunity available in the world and all the directions I could’ve went, especially in Houston, TX. I chose real estate which was a calculated decision on my part. So I thought I’d share a few reasons why I made this decision and I hope it helps if you’re thinking to get in the real estate industry.

Path of least resistance

I’m not that complicated, it’s what I understood really well and had access too. I started out in college as an engineering major in college, later to find out that it was only because that’s what everyone else told me I was good at. I mean it was interesting, even fun at times, but I always had a passion for numbers, logistics, procedures, that kind of stuff. Anyway I changed my major to business and got my real estate license to help pay for school. Later on I found out my biological father practiced real estate most of his life. So I guess it was in my blood.

I had dreams of all kind of business ventures and still do, but I figured if I was going to start somewhere I might as well start where I already have an advantage. So I finished up grad school studying urban planning, spent some time working for Houstons Housing and Community Development department as a financial analyst, and finished my rounds working for Bank of America as a portfolio manager. When I looked back at the set of skills I had obtained, people I had met, and doors that were open it seemed like a no brainer to go all in.


Fool proof

Everyone needs a place to stay and businesses will always need land to grow. Sure technology is changing, but if you sharp technology should elevate your game not take away from you. I figured so long as people keep having babies, getting married or divorced, and starting businesses there would always be demand. My only job is to learn the game and play my part.

Not to mention Houston is about to pass Chicago on in number of people. People are moving here by the thousands weekly, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. So Im going to eat while I can. As long as I make smart decisions the returns are strong, steady, and certain.


Math of a millionaire

You probably could have figured this out for yourself. It takes some hustle, but its hard to beat the paydays. And there so many ways to get a payday. It reminds me of that post that was going around about the math to a million.

$100 from 10,000

$1000 from 1000

$10,000 from 100

Needless to say Im opting for the most amount money from the least amount of people. I want the millions, but I like my time to myself to much to deal with that many people. Simple quality over quantity. In Houston the median home cost about $230k. If I broker a sale and only take 3% of that home I make ~$7000. On top of that you might also make money from wholesaling, investing, developing, or even managing property.

Let’s just say I liked my odds to a million. I’m not saying real estate is for everybody, but you might find a place in the industry where you do well and that’s all it takes.

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